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Business Overview

System Development

Delivering the Best Benefits to Clients

We recognize that understanding and addressing client needs and concerns are of highest importance during the development of the system. Our mission is to provide the greatest benefits by verifying the evaluation of a client’s current status and tasks in conjunction with their viewpoints.

We provide a foremost approach to customers by promoting quality, progress management and acquired skills unique to industry experience. We work closely with our business partners, including offshore development depending on project size.

Our goal is to maximize customer satisfaction by providing services as a total package, including system development, maintenance and operation.

Past and Ongoing Projects

- Core business system development for a major law firm

- System development (Finance, Logistics, ISP, etc) for an IT solution provider

- Content delivery system (Music, E-books) for a major consumer electronics manufacturer

- Contactless IC Card development kit for a major consumer electronics company

- Language learning support system for a United Nations agency

- Logistics management system for a major logistics company

- Contactless IC Card aiding child safety confirmation for a medical equipment company.

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System Maintenance and Operation

Proactive Approach

We are involved in the entirety of the system life cycle from its early stages of development through all maintenance and operational functions.

We understand that while we consider the goal of system development to be when it is released, clients consider it just the beginning.

Our maintenance and operation service keeps the system environment safe as well as proposes methods to solve problems and expand business.

We provides improvements among tasks, sharing issues, and responding to tasks and requests from our clients in order to continually improve the system.

Past and Ongoing Projects

- Core business system development with maintenance and operation for a major law firm
~ Modified C/S core system written by Visual Basic to web.

Know-hows acquired by the development team are passed on and effectively utilized by the maintenance and operation team to improve the system.

In addition to the backbone system, we now cover the entirety of the support system while gaining mutual trust and building a relationship with the client.

We analyze and share client business directions in order for our IT specialist to develop an information strategy as sees fit. Our method allows for a system that supports problem solving and business expansion.

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Technical Support

Correct Resources in the Right Places

We place the appropriate resources where they need to be, including a wide range from technical support to system consulting, and to project initiation documentation support.

IT specialists will maintain close contact and communication with customers.


- Engineers are provided with a wide range of technology.


- Our track record reflects our expertise in various fields, which have been learned and practiced


- We facilitate and want to continue to develop stronger communication between our team and our clients in order to fully understand their needs and provide the highest quality service

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Pursing customer convenience

Currently, new ways of payment appear one after another. We provide technical support and development of bill payment services at convenience stores as well as retail store locations. Additionally, we develop paperless mobile bill services (E-BarCode). 

We specialize in working with clients to develop bill payment services that can be deployed overseas at their convenience.

Our Projects

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